Portland Build, Remodel & Landscape Show

January 10-12, 2025 — Oregon Convention Center, Hall A/A1

 OUR EXHIBITORS say it best!



"The results speak for themselves. The show was packed! We had more people wanting to talk than we had people to handle them. The management was excellent. People that make an appointment with you at the show are serious potential clients.



 Darcy DeGiovanni   –   IDS Remodleing




"This is a HUGE Show! The best yet! Promotional campaign is fantastic, and the management is great to work with. The leads generated by this show are the best in the business!"



 Andy Layne   –   MATTRESS WORLD NW




“Because of the weather [attendees] are ready!
If we're here, set up and ready to go
it just kicks [the year] off!



 Dan Saddler   –   Ricks Custom Fencing & Decking




“Management is very helpful and organized.
All my leads are very high quality so we are
very happy with our investment.



 Larry Claypool   –  Harvest Construction




"Good attendance and traffic throughout
the weekend. L&L Management was great!
No complaints, show was well run and
management was always on the floor
checking in with vendors.”



 Evan Mitchell   –  Alternative Surfaces






“The promotional campaign was awesome,
you really brought in all the people.
All of your shows have been great.”



 Dan Williams   –   Dan Williams Construction NW




“Very good promotional campaign and leads.



 Joe Holman   –  Champion window





"The show traffic, management and promotional materials for the Build, Remodel & Landscape Show are good."



 Daniel Huson   –  ROSE CITY LABS




“We generated good contacts and sales
from the event. Shows are powerful for us
as we are able to get our products
in front of potential buyers.”



 Steve Salter   –  Marquis Spa






“This show has been amazing[...] we're looking
forward to talking with these people more.



 Crystal Kennedy   –  Pacific Northwest Cabnetry







The contacts generated from this show are good, the people attending are serious shoppers. The Portland Build, Remodel & Landscape Show is very well promoted throughout media.









"We did exceptionally well at the show,
the number of attendees was great
and we set a lot of appointments."



 Eric Doering   –  Vulcan Design & Construction INc.