Charlotte Build, Remodel & Landscape Expo

January 3-5, 2025 — Charlotte Convention Center

 OUR EXHIBITORS say it best!



“I heard many ads on the television,  

 radio, etc. We generated lots of leads. 

 Excellent results.”







“The leads were very good at the  

Build, Remodel & Landscape Show.Very qualified 

consumers, we made several sales within the first week.



 Brad Beachy   –   Porch Conversion of charlotte





"The Build, Remodel & Landscape Expo
is the only show we do

and it has been very positive.
The size of the show is ideal

because it does not wear people
out they stay more focused.



 Michael Huntley  –   Incentive builders





“Great advertising. Great contacts.  

 Great results. Great show as always. 

 We will be ready for next year.”



Jerry Hall   –   BATH FITTER




“Excellent contacts.  

 We got a lot of business from the show. 

 Excellent promotional campaign!”







“Home Shows are the cheapest form of marketing

you can possibly engage in other than word of mouth.

To generate that first lead generate it at the home show."



  Terry Crawford   –   SOLARTEK




“This show has been great for us.

Money well spent.

I will do it again every chance I get."



  Randy Ghant   –   THE GARAGE GUYS




“This is one of the few shows   

 in this area that brings in the right clientele

 and we wouldn't miss it.”



  Kim Bryant   –   SOFTUB OF CHARLOTTE




“We get a lot of leads, good quality leads.  

We've been very pleased with it

and look forward to next year."



  John Bear   –   CULLIGAN




“This is a great resource for us

to meet our customers face-to-face

and generate some business."



  Mark Romano   –   FAN MAN




The people who do make it out to this show

are the people seriously interested in doing something

with their house and with their yard. We've done

this show a lot throughout the past and it's always

provided us with good quality leads."



  Dave Scher  –   KING GREEN




“This experience has been awesome

and well worth our time. We'd recommend this show,

Thank you (L&L) very much for the opportunity."







“I had a lot of serious buyers, got a lot

of great leads and I scheduled a lot of appointments."



  Greg Jackson   –   Southern exposure sunrooms