L&L Exhitition Management, Inc.

Our home shows offer an unparalleled opportunity to speak directly with local and national experts and receive extremely valuable information all in one place, all under one roof. Every aspect of the home is addressed.

For any area of interest you may have regarding your home, it is our goal to present a variety of knowledgeable professionals who many times have focused their entire careers on your particular need.


L&L Home Shows

Home Show Calendar


Minneapolis Remodeling ExpoApril 4-6, 2014
Minneapolis Home & Landscape ExpoTBA, 2014
Pittsburgh Remodeling ExpoTBA, 2015
Portland Build, Remodel & Landscape ShowTBA, 2015
Seattle Remodeling ExpoTBA, 2015
Charleston Build, Remodel & Landscape ExpoTBA, 2015
Charlotte Build, Remodel & Landscape ExpoJanuary 9-11, 2015
Madison Home ExpoJanuary 9-11, 2015
Colorado Springs Home Building & Remodeling ShowTBA, 2015
Indiana Home & Garden ShowTBA, 2015
Tulsa Remodel & Landscape ShowTBA, 2015
Columbus Build, Remodel & Landscape ExpoTBA, 2015
Greater Cincinnati Remodeling ExpoTBA, 2015
Greenville Remodeling ExpoTBA, 2015
Atlanta Build, Remodel & Landscape ExpoJanuary 23-25, 2015
Louisville, Kentucky Home Improvement ExpoJanuary 23-25, 2015
Columbia Home Building & Remodeling ExpoTBA, 2015
Portland Renovation & Landscaping ShowTBA, 2015
Baltimore Remodeling ExpoTBA, 2015
Columbus Home Improvement ShowTBA, 2015
Louisville Build, Renovate & Landscape ExpoFebruary 13-15, 2015
Colorado Springs Home & Landscape ExpoTBA, 2015
Oklahoma City Spring Remodel & Landscape ShowTBA, 2015
Tacoma Remodeling ExpoTBA, 2015
Fargo Spring Remodel & Landscape ExpoTBA, 2015