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Our expos offer an unparalleled opportunity to speak directly with local and national experts and receive extremely valuable information-- all in one place, all under one roof. Every aspect of the home is addressed.

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About L&L Home Shows

Home Show Calendar


Oklahoma City Spring Remodel & Landscape ShowMarch 27-29, 2015
Minneapolis Remodeling ExpoApril 10-12, 2015
Minneapolis Home & Landscape ExpoTBA, 2015
Pittsburgh Remodeling ExpoTBA, 2016
Seattle Remodeling ExpoTBA, 2016
Charlotte Build, Remodel & Landscape ExpoTBA, 2016
Colorado Springs Home Building & Remodeling ShowTBA, 2016
Columbia Home Building & Remodeling ExpoTBA, 2016
Columbus Build, Remodel & Landscape ExpoTBA, 2016
Greenville Remodeling ExpoTBA, 2016
Madison Home ExpoTBA, 2016
Portland Build, Remodel & Landscape ShowTBA, 2016
Charleston Build, Remodel & Landscape ExpoTBA, 2016
Greater Cincinnati Remodeling ExpoTBA, 2016
Tulsa Remodel & Landscape ShowTBA, 2016
Atlanta Build, Remodel & Landscape ExpoTBA, 2016
Baltimore Remodeling ExpoTBA, 2016
Louisville, Kentucky Home Improvement ExpoTBA, 2016
Colorado Springs Home & Landscape ExpoTBA, 2016
Fargo Remodeling ExpoTBA, 2016
Portland Renovation & Landscaping ShowTBA, 2016
Indiana Home & Garden ShowTBA, 2015
Louisville Build, Renovate & Landscape ExpoTBA, 2015
Tacoma Remodeling ExpoTBA, 2016
Columbus Home Improvement ShowTBA, 2016